A Guide To Careers: Physical Therapy

This is an online guide to becoming a physical therapist. From highschool, to college, to careers and beyond!
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 1. Orhopedic Physical Therapy

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Orhopedic Physical Therapy
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As an orthopedic physical therapist, you will diagnose, treat, and manage disorders in the musculoskeletal system. You will work with patients usually in an out-patient setting and deal with post operative joints, acute sports injuries, arthritis, amputations, and more. Some tools you will use to treat your patients are joint mobilizations, strength training, heat therapy, and electrical stimulation.

As a student, you will need to study muculoskeletal physiology and development. Become familiar with the areas of the knee, foot, ankle, shoulder, and especially the spine. Much of your clientele will be coming to you for help with back pain. The average annual salary for an orthopedic physical therapist is around 82,000 dollars annually, although depending on location and other circumstances; it can vary drastically, either more or less.

Expected growth in this career's outlook is 26% by 2018.
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1. Orhopedic Physical Therapy
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