A Guide To Careers: Physical Therapy

This is an online guide to becoming a physical therapist. From highschool, to college, to careers and beyond!
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 2. Geriatric Physical Therapy

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Geriatric Physical Therapy
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While a geriatric physical therapist can work with patients of any age, the therapist generally works with older adults. In this field, many of your patients may come to you with arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hip and joint replacement, balance disorders, and incontinence. Your task will be to reduce pain and keep up activity in adults, making sure that they stay healthy and active. This is important, as your patients will be looking to reduce and eliminate pain in their last years of life.

As a student, you will need a strong background in sciences like human physiology and anatomy, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and anatomical kinesiology and biology. You will also need to consider courses in mathematics. The annual salary for this job is 78,000 dollars a year, but again, this can vary greatly with location.

A 26% increase is expected in the overall job outlook by 2018.
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2. Geriatric Physical Therapy
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